electric stimulus to face with Daito Manabe

In 2012 I met artist Daito Manabe and participated on his electric stimulus to face performance at Liveness Festival in Mexico City. 

It was a great experience to collaborate with artist Daito Manabe after I read this interview for Vice Magazine in the Art & Tech issue 2009.

Through that interview is how I met his work for the first time.

electric stimulus to face – Daito Manabe 2012
video by artist Lorena Mal

Part 01:

Part 02:

Part 03:

In the frame of this festival, other amazing artists and groups such as Marco Donnaruma, Mark Coniglio and Konic Theatercame together in Mexico City.

#bodyhack #robotics #electronics #piri-piridevice #affectivecomputing #myoelectricsensors #lowfrequencypulsegenerators

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