NFT Moving Prints Art Exhibition

Blockchain technology is already part of our Anthropogenic future. 

This technology has an enormous yet still incomprehensible potential.

Installation shot with projection mapping during the opening

A very sexy and non-hackable decentralized space that is currently starting to shape the forms of our future.

Performance artist Sophie Mars from Berlin
visits our IMPERMANENT FUTURES Exhibition

An uncertain future, perhaps impermanent. A future that moves in reserve of a new alternative of life, economy, society, freedom, health, wealth and medicine. 

Ehtereum Bitcoin

In this impermanent future our ecosystems and natural processes have been intoxicated, poisoned and altered by the human species to irreversible degrees.

Non-altered DNA, original strains, breeds, plant seeds and unvaccinated human sperm, will be the new Bitcoin of our era.

Monkey King

Welcome to IMPERMANENT FUTURES. A growing art exhibition and NFT collection that materializes this vision of the future.

The current 2023 trend of artificial intelligence, crypto and NFTs is manifested in the works of this exhibition.

Fabián Jiménez Farbo is a visionary Mexican artist based in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

His psychedelic NFT digital paint Hyperspace nectar was created in 2013 using Corel Painter software.

Fabián considers the blockchain space as a new commercial trend that offers a new alternative to promote and sell his artwork.

Fabián Jiménez – Hyperspace Nectar

The altered state of consciousness, described by the ancestral Nahua tribe as temicxoch, is the experience that happens after the ingestion of some entheogen.

This experience, typical of ancestral rites and ancestral shamanic medicine is present in the work of Adam Mirros.

Adam is a self taught NFT artist from Ireland based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sacred, evokes the constituent elements of the Camino Rojo: the Huachuma, the jaguar, fire, the eagle and tobacco.

Adam Mirros – Sacred

Once again, the dialogue between collectors and artists who move in the new NFT panorama proves to be decisive.

The Oyasin Collection for example, includes this work of Adam and two other of his NFTs in its collection.

A collection dedicated to preserve and sustain the indigenous culture in the Amazon forest. They work directly with the indigenous community and donate 20% of the sales of their NFT collection to help preserve this very important lung of the Earth. 

The authenticity of NFTs is indisputable, but so is their extremely high energy cost to our environment and current ecology.

All of the twelve works of this exhibition contain unique certificates of authenticity. Some are actual NFTs and others have a more critical and genetic form of validation.

The issue of the ecological sustainability of cryptocurrencies is an important topic to ponder, as the incorporation of blockchain technology in our future daily life is inevitable. 

Ken Rinaldo – City Of Indigineous Corn

Ken Rinaldo is an artist concerned with this current global ecological issue.

Ken Rinaldo – Genetically Modified Cows

His interactive art installations are internationally renowned to develop hybrid ecologies with animals, algorithms, plants and bacterial cultures.

Ken Rinaldo – Great While Herron InsInsects Jellyfish Springtails

The Tepoztlán AI DNA series is a series of works that he created exclusively for our IMPERMANENT FUTURES exhibition.

Ken Rinaldo – Flying Cows Birds Jellyfish

In this series of AI DNA works, the artist responds to the current NFT trend and the carbon footprint that the blockchain network generates in his very own way.

Ken Rinaldo – CRISPR cas9 Proteins Amino Acids

He creates his own system of biological authenticity.

Ken Rinaldo – Land Of Indigenous Maise

Each physical print of this series exists outside of the blockchain network and include a piece of his own hair and an original signature that accompany each piece at the time of purchase and interaction with the curator of the exhibition.

Ken Rinaldo – Xenotransplantation Pink Cow Udder

Through a PCR test, buyers can determine the authenticity of the newly purchased work via DNA.

A more ecologically balanced method outside of the blockchain network that authenticates the piece by the artist as unique and original.

Ken Rinaldo – Great While Herron Tepoztlan 4 Boxes

My intention with this exhibition is to make it grow. To make it reach different exhibition spaces and audiences worldwide and also to invite more artists that could potentially add value to this impermanent futures vision.

© Axel Cuevas Santamaría 2023