microbial mirror

microbial mirror is an interactive video sculpture.

This work creates a visual metaphor of sensing our human form as a host for microbial living microscopic bacteria and germs.

Sometimes I wonder if our human consciousness is also present in the microscopic life that inhabits our body.  Present in the millions of microscopic entities that live in our skin, guts or eyebrows for example.

Are we more human than microbial?

What if our human thoughts constantly travel between us humans as vessels and our microscopic passengers?  What if some of our feelings and reactions come from the intelligence of these invisible to our naked eye passengers?

I would love our consciousness to merge with something else. To merge for example with the healing properties of plants. Or merge with the ever changing existence of microscopic life.

In this process of understanding consciousness, I question the purpose of our human existence in the 21st century.


For this project, I use a framed TV monitor and a Kinect V2 sensor. The depth map analysis I obtain from our human shape and movements, gets translated into digital textures.

These textures contain microscopic footage of bacteria, germs and CGI animations.


Our human biological composition is mostly inhabited by bacteria and microbial forms of life.


For a more engaging interaction of this project, I replaced the framed digital screen for live video projections on the skin.  The idea is to see our face reflected in a real mirror with psychedelic textures and cinematic effects that allude to bio-morphology.

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