MIRAGE is an audiovisual project that explores memory and space perception. A mental landscape accessed through audio and video.

I shot this video during summer 2016 at Grande Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe located in France.

The rhythm of sound and image propose a hypnotic mental state that plays with our perception of space and form.

The vast openness of this windy horizon offered me an opportunity to contemplate space and time.

I attempt to translate this memory into an experience that inserts in viewers a new imaginary landscape.

The audio of this project is composed from sound recordings of Morske orgulje. An architectural object and experimental musical instrument located in Zadar, Croatia. This organ plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps in the ocean.

©Axel Cuevas Santamaría

Axel Cuevas Santamaria - Mirage 0045

Screenings of MIRAGE:

Axel Cuevas Santamaria - MIRAGE at Wexner Center for the Arts 2018
Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus OH, 2018

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