sueño profundo

sueño profundo is an interactive augmented reality AR project.

It consists of a digital print in the exhibition space that moves, shifts colors and waves using projection mapping.

The digital print also triggers a mashup video in your smartphone or tablet when you point at it using a custom made augmented reality app
This is the video that plays on your Android or iOS device when you point at the digital print during an exhibition.
The digital print in exhibition

s Xochipilli statue is the Mesoamerican deity of flowers, voluptuousness, summer, pleasure, love, dancing, painting, feasting, creativity and souls. It is one of the central characters of this mashup video.

This is Xochipilli, the Mesoamerican deity of flowers, voluptuosness, summer, pleasure, love, dancing, painting, feasting, creativity and the souls.
This statue, known as the Aztec “prince of flowers”, is located at the National Anthropology Museum of Art. My favorite museum in Mexico City.

It has been suggested by Albert Hofmann [Plants of the Gods, 1979] that the statue of Xochipilli represents a figure in the midst of entheogenic ecstasy. The expression and posture of the statue is representative of a temicxoch, the Nahua description of the experience that follows the ingestion of an entheogen.

Other characters and images of this mashup video include:

Native ferns Diplazium gemmiferum and Marsilea polycarpa from Costa Rica.

Sequoia trees from the national redwood forest in Northern California.

Piedra del Sol or Aztec calendar.
Located at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City.
Cinteotl statue, the Aztec maize deity.
Located at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City.

For the sueño profundo mashup video, I use Google’s convolutional neural network DeepDream to resemble a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance.

This is a photo I took of the framed digital print in my garden applying the DeepDream effect

The neural network effect is used in each one of the video frames separately. After all frames are rendered separately, I combine them and render them again as a stand alone video.

This mashup video has also been projected over architectural facades as a stand alone projection mapping project and in film screenings as a videoart piece

We developed the ipython script that renders the effect in thousands of video frames consecutively at The Ohio State University in 2016.

Only one year after Google released the algorithm publicly in 2015, we programmed the script. This was long time before the DeepDream generator became available to the public as a stand alone paid application.

The amazing computer science engineer Chaitanya Kulkarni was key in the programming of this project. This video might be one of the first video artworks in history that uses the DeepDream neural network algorithm.

And probably the only work in the world that combines neural networks with augemented reality, projection mapping and Aztec symbols.

For purchasing sueño profundo original prints, please contact me directly.

©Axel Cuevas Santamaría 2023

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