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    MIRAGE is an audiovisual project that explores memory and space perception. A mental landscape accessed through audio and video. I shot this video during summer 2016 at Grande Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe located in France. The rhythm of sound and image propose a hypnotic mental state that plays with our […]

  • skin – pieles que mutan

    For an immersive 360 video recording of this project please watch the following video:

  • withering – marchitando

    lockdown withering 2021 is a series of digital printed artworks over canvas that I make during the (current?) (never ending?) global pandemic. This project meditates about our current global state of isolation. The promoted blind obedience promoted by media disinformation and our new (normal?) social distancing behaviors as global species that we follow inside the […]

  • sueño profundo

    sueño profundo is an interactive augmented reality AR project. It consists of a digital print in the exhibition space that moves, shifts colors and waves using projection mapping. s Xochipilli statue is the Mesoamerican deity of flowers, voluptuousness, summer, pleasure, love, dancing, painting, feasting, creativity and souls. It is one of the central characters of […]

  • jumping borders

    This work consists of four metallic photo prints shot with a macro lense. The prints reveal the self-awareness of the living organism slime mold Physarum polycephalum. Physarum is capable of solving mazes and jumping border walls. I find a profound meaning in the idea of microscopic organisms jumping border walls to assure survival . The […]

  • Protoplasmic routes

    Protoplasmic routes is a BioArt project that explores the growth and learning of the plasmodial slime mold Physarum polycephalum, feeding and growing inside acrylic mazes built on Petri dishes. This project focuses on the livability of our human species, both from a scientific perspective and also humorous fiction. The story is based on a text […]

  • primal alchemy

    Where do the sounds of trees that fall with no one there to listen to them, go to? Are we able to re-interpret the unheard soundscapes of dying nature and its fall down? Perhaps, these unheard sounds can serve as portals to our inner-journeys. And what about the sounds f the collapsing worlds outside from […]

  • Stillness

    Stillness is a thirteen-foot translucent fulldome sculpture installation.  It is composed of a three-channel fulldome video system, a four channel surround audio system, microscopic photography, close-up digital scans, a twelve foot cotton white round carpet and perfume. Stillness focuses in the adaptation of wildflower pollen to our human-altered ecosystems. Their life, sexuality and molecular mutation. […]

  • microbial mirror

    microbial mirror is an interactive video sculpture. This work creates a visual metaphor of sensing our human form as a host for microbial living microscopic bacteria and germs. Sometimes I wonder if our human consciousness is also present in the microscopic life that inhabits our body.  Present in the millions of microscopic entities that live […]

  • Shavasana Dome

      Shavasana Dome is a geodesic audiovisual sculpture installation by Axel Cuevas Santamaría. Inspired by meditation and Buckminster Fuller’s iconic structures, this work aims to activate audience in a moment of decompression to experience Aguahara in Shavasana pose.       “With this work I share the feeling of decompression of our human condition.  I […]