withering – marchitando

lockdown withering 2021 is a series of digital printed artworks over canvas that I make during the (current?) (never ending?) global pandemic.

This project meditates about our current global state of isolation. The promoted blind obedience promoted by media disinformation and our new (normal?) social distancing behaviors as global species that we follow inside the human-altered ecosystems and spaces that we inhabit.

I collect local flowers from the hometown that I live at the moment and make weekly digital scans of their withering process.

The species Bouganvillea and Jehuite flower scanned images are digitally processed with layers of AI neural network effects to create psychedelic animal-like effects.

The art-science projects I make, allow me to value the impermanence of biological life and the vital importance of contemplating nature in times of global incertitude.

The withering images of this printed series are built upon the machine’s hallucinatory online iterations of neural networks using AI iterations and Deepdream.